The main mission and goal of the conference is to bring recent information and experience in natural building and related topics – permaculture, saving technologies, ecological construction materials,off-grid systems, natural playgrounds, community cooperation. The whole conference will be translated into English.

Civil Society Organization Baobaby would like to invite all the people interested in natural building, saving technologies, natural building materials, permaculture design, holistic and community ways of living, organic architecture and self-help building to the fifth volume of The Natural Home Conference 2018, held in KZ Domovina from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th March 2018.

If your desire is to live healthily and you want to use the natural building materials and designs; you are interested in sustainable ways of living; you are planning to rebuild your house or simply you want to create a playground for your children, then you can acquire a lot of valuable information, practical advice, experience and interesting ideas directly from the natural building specialists.

Several foreign experts will also perform in this year. You can see here program.

More over, you can look forward for many experts from the Czech republic, Iran, Slovakia and USA with long-time experience.

The Conference will be interpreted into English language.

The whole programme is designed to provide the inspiration and information to both laics and experts. Apart from the basic principles of natural building, we will also be concerned with the constructional systems and trends in building of houses made of straw, clay or hemp. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to gain further information about the clay plasters, children ́s playgrounds, natural building materials and their processing. Besides above-mentioned, many other topics will be discussed.

The meeting and the interaction of the participants together with establishing new relationships represent very significant part of the conference. For those reasons there will be chill-out zones, where all participants will have a chance to meet and get to know each other and to have some refreshments as well. The KZ Domovina club itself has a very friendly environment supporting the communication. Meeting new like-minded people and sharing ideas represent, according to the opinions of last year ́s participants, the significant benefits of the conference.

The KZ Domovina´s interior is very diverse. A part from a huge lecture hall, there is an outside terrace and a bar too. Moreover, there are other rooms where, for example, the market of environmental friendly companies will take place and associations, participating in the conference, will be presenting their activities and visions. So you can buy different kinds of handcrafted items, healthy food or works of art there but also find out a lot of useful information

The last year ́s conference was very successful. Nearly 500 enthusiastic people were participating in it. This year, we hope it will be even better. If you would like to support us, please share the invitation with your friends.