Dear friends, know then it is possible! It is not just a dream anymore. It is a reality. There are so many of us – culturally creative individuals or rather a “tribe” of active, fascinated and enthusiastic people, yearning to live a different life. I was deeply moved by seeing a mass of beautiful people and the conference made me sure that a “new age” is already here. There were an infinite number of wonderful project ideas, intentions and visions. I am sincerely grateful that I could be a part of the whole project and I want to express my thanks and appreciation to the organisers (Baobaby). It was very valuable experience for me and I am curious how many beautiful projects will be realized in our country with a contribution of these people.

Interest in the conference was unprecedented. Enthusiasm of both participants and lecturers was impressive. The lectures attendance was very high already before the noon and the audience were engrossed in the discussed topics and asked inquiring questions. Lectures were listened to very attentively because they were immensely inspiring and engaging. Some of them were also very sophisticated, like the one by David Eyer. A topic shifting was well-organized and within three days we were able to go through many issues in the field of healthy life style and housing. It was a challenging weekend full of new information and ideas, theoretical knowledge but also practice examples and all of the participant´s interests were met. The self-sufficiency, sustainability, nature, health and respect were discussed in all aspects. Shortly, we don´t need any more convictions. Nowadays we already know that we simply want to live healthily. Free counselling service, where you had an opportunity to discuss your own natural building projects or ideas, was also part of the conference.

„I was fascinated by the KZ Domovina´s environment. I think it was a perfect venue for the conference. Its environment encouraged people to communicate and to make new contacts, which represent the integral part of every conference. I appreciated that the two areas were not strictly separated – the hall, where all the lectures took venue, and for example the vestibule, used for communication with other people. At first I thought that the speaking people could disturb the other participants during the lectures. However, it was not true. So it was possible to talk with other people and at the same time to know which lecture is on the programme and whether it is interesting for me or not. It was simply brilliant. Even though I have participated at many conferences, I have never experienced anything like this before. Moreover, I liked the varied group of lecturers in the conference. The excursion to EarthShip was awesome as well, including the critical view of our guide (one of the implementers). Katka Šmardová“

Katka Šmardová

„I raised a few questions about the plan of our house and all of them were answered. I also met there my friends there, so it was nice to talk with them about interesting topics. What was really remarkable for me was the fact that we had also discussed many issues which were not so pleasant or exhilarating. However, no one was spreading negativity or panic. All of the three days symbolized examples of positive thinking in practice for me. It is awesome to experience it and also to spread it. The spirit of the conference was very inspiring for me. “

Lukáš Gavlovský