Why now it is ‘right time’ to participate on ‘Natural Homes Conference 2019’? What kind of program is waiting there for me? Let’s answer these and other questions together :)

What is the difference between participating in a conference and reading the articles, blog on permaculture, natural building, organic houses? Main difference is, that during these three days you will see and hear 12 speakers, who you might never see under one roof again. You will have opportunity not only to enrich your knowledge by listening and watching the presentations, but also by talking to other participants and speakers. You will gain new useful contacts and enjoy unforgettable atmosphere of a conference, which is of the top natural building conferences in Central Europe.

Registrations are open, the list of speakers is closed

Viktor Karlík from Baobaby z.s. did a great job in choosing speakers and thanks to his hard work we will be able to see big names of natural building community.

Join us, be inspired and get one step closer to you dream house

Kde jinde chcete hledat inspiraci na stavbu svého nízkoenergetického obydlí pokud ne tady? Nerozmýšlejte – lepší místo neexistuje. Kromě vystoupení rečníků uvidíte i prezentace firem, které se věnují realizaci přírodních staveb nebo přináší ekologické a šetrné řešení pro lidi, kterým záleží na zdravém životním prostředí.

You have your tickets, what is next?

Conference take place from friday 8th March to Sunday 10th March 2019. It will start on Friday 8th March at 7:00pm. Friday’s program will end at 10:30pm, when the afterparty will take place. We will continue on Saturday, which will be full of presentations. Don’t be afraid food and water will be available for you, we know that in order to learn something, you have to be well fed :)

Our aim in 2019, same as in years before, is to bring new information and trends from the area of natural building and to open a discussion about ecological building materials, saving technologies and community work. We believe in solutions, that will allow us to live healthy, comfortable in accordance with nature and natural ecosystems.

By participating you will not only widen your knowledge, but also you will support people, who work hard to bring all speakers to Prague.

We are looking forward to see you all!